Response to Verity Standen’s Hug

I went to see* Verity Standen’s Hug a few months ago. I absolutely loved it. Honestly if you get the chance to go to this please do you won’t regret it.
*I use this word out of habit but really I didn’t actually see much at all as I was blindfolded!

Hugged Safely And Loved
My response to Verity Standen’s Hug

I was held today.
Held by a stranger who didn’t know my mind.
They knew my face.
I only knew their touch,
Their smell, their sound.

I was held in a warm embrace as a wave of harmony engulfed me
And carried me with it.
I was held as it lapped at my ears,
Lapped at my head,
Lapped at my very being.

I was held as it washed over my fears,
Fizzed over my loneliness.
Like a child I was held,
Honoured and accepted unconditionally.
Nothing was expected of me.

Yet I was hugged safely and
Loved by the history of humanity.
A small and unremarkable part of the whole
Insignificant yet playing a part.
Accepted for nothing more than my being.

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