Eko Collective Presents: Femme De Musique


‘Femme de Musique’ is a new, female-led music night taking place on the last Weds of every month @ The Greenbank, Easton. The night is hosted by The Eko Songwriter’s Collective, founded by Lauren Bradford, Julia Turner & Isolde Freeth-Hale, who collaborate as the Eko Trio, and also share a stage with their solo projects. ‘Femme de Musique’ was born out of a desire to share the positive experience they’ve had of supporting one another as women in the music industry, instead of adhering to the stereotype of competing ‘divas’. Eko Collective wish to feed this into an extended community of gender-equal musicians and industry-specialists, by bringing more opportunities for women to the table, & responding to the alarming statistics of female presence in the industry today. Check outwww.theworldislistening.co.uk, an excellent women-in-industry discussion forum, to see quite how striking they can be.

Our first night will be kicking off with non-other than queen-of-the-bristol-music-scene, and co-founder of ‘The World is Listening’, Nuala Honan. If you are not already completely in-love with the fire-side honesty, and arresting soulfulness she breathes into Country Folk song, check her out below. We are very excited.


Supporting Nuala tonight, we have a very special guest all the way from South Africa, known as Sisanda Myataza. You may have had the pleasure of hearing Sisanda sing with the Bristol-based band Mankala at the Harboured Sounds Take Over in August. Tonight she shall being performing a special set of Jazz and traditional African infused songs. Listen to her fabulous new EP here:


Hosting the evening, The Eko Trio will be interspersing the night with their self-penned quirky numbers and rearranged classics, influenced by traditional and vintage acapella singing. You may have seen them at the Greenbank on their first UK tour last month, but once is never enough, these girls are full of surprises. Check out their latest single here:


Eko Collective are interested in hearing from anyone who would love to be a part of this night, and the extended female-friendly community it hopes to create and support. Whether you are a musician, music-lover, producer, writer, reviewer, promoter, visual artist, film-maker, man or woman, who supports gender-equality in Music, we’d love to hear from you.


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