BYOB testimonials


I felt in a state of shock after the birth of my son. Choir each week allowed me to get back to enjoying life again. I realised I was releasing emotions through both singing and then chatting with other mums. It really makes my week… Julia is a wonderful passionate professional whose enthusiasm and warmth is contagious, I am truly grateful for her to having such a brilliant idea! Kate

Relaxing, fun and joyful. A time for me. Lorraine

I love that the choir is totally unthreatening! Perfect if you’ve always wondered about joining a choir but weren’t quite brave enough. Anna C

Choir is always a highlight of my week and I try hard never to miss it. The other women are really lovely – it’s such a welcoming, warm group. Julia is a fantastic teacher. Gentle, clear and very organised. Rowan adores it and I find that singing the songs at home makes us both smile and almost instantly stops tears in the car! Such a great group. Anna P

Very friendly, welcoming group! Hannah

I’ve really enjoyed being part of the choir. I had never sung in a choir before and was initially nervous about trying to learn songs while looking after baby and 3-year-old. But they have loved it and I’ve got a lot out of having one activity in the week that is primarily for me. Singing makes me feel better. We’ve learnt some great songs and had a lot of fun. Julia is a great, relaxed and patient choir leader. Finishing with a chat over tea and biscuits is great too – we’ve swapped lots of war stories from the front line of mothering. Thankyou! Cathy

Opportunity to relax and enjoy singing for my own enjoyment rather than nursery rhymes! Dougal loves watching and playing with the toys too. Elaine

BYOB is a fun, relaxed and friendly space to learn great songs, sing lovely harmonies and meet other mums and babies. Julia is an excellent teacher and helps us to learn songs without it seeming an effort. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of singing we achieved and the variety of genres we covered. Thanks Julia for facilitating this brilliant choir! Sophie

It’s brilliant. So relaxing and revitalising and no pressure for a sleep deprived mum! Liz

‘There is something about singing as a group, creating a sound that curves, bends, slides and merges that sends me to a place outside myself.  I can FEEL that sound, it sends tingles down my spine and Stands my hairs on end.  I feel a huge sense of achievement and love to feel a part of something bigger.’ Beth of

‘Singing day is my favourite day of the week. Not only has joining choir brought me my bestest new friends in Bristol and helped Tibbs socialise with some lovely kids her own age, but singing just lifts my mood, wherever it’s been that day. I love the songs, which are all cleverly arranged versions of folk and traditional tunes, and some pop songs as well. I love the atmosphere and the chats over hot drinks after singing, where we don’t just talk about babies, we talk about actual real life! And I love the way the singing makes the children react. Tibbs, as you can see from the first photo, often dances along. All the kids look up in wonder when we do our warm up exercises and some laugh at our funny faces. Many small babies fall asleep peacefully in slings as we sing.’ Eleanor of

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