Current Projects

Outside Toybox Studio 2015. Photo by Dan King

Outside Toybox Studio 2015. Photo by Dan King

Julia at Canteen-1

Playing at The Canteen, Bristol, 2015. Photo by Dot Allen.

Julia Turner

A jazz loving singer/songwriter Julia Turner draws from a large repertoire of original songs and old but thrillingly fresh standards. Julia studied jazz at Leeds College of Music and then flew halfway around the world to explore her paternal homeland of Australia. After romantic notions of being a waitress in Melbourne fell flat she busked her way out of a dead end job and wrote an album all about it. City Synchronicity was released in 2012. Back home in Bristol Julia continues to spin her stories through intricate vocal melodies and deft finger picking guitar. She is currently recording her second album with Bristol based musicians Annalise Lam, Pasquale Votino and Roberto Nappi.


Eko Cutlery filming

Filming the Cutlery Shed music video at The Old Bookshop, 2014. Photo by Joanne Pelota Ball.

The Eko Trio

Eko Collective is a songwriter’s collective made up of Julia Turner, Lauren Bradford and Isolde. As well as coming together to share a stage and support each other’s individual work the three collaborate as the Eko vocal trio. With a contrast in their individual sounds, ranging from jazz and soul to folk and electronica, each artist brings something fresh to the table and together they find a common ground in vocal harmony. Presenting a modern twist on vintage and traditional a capella singing, incorporating songs about cutlery polishing, grumpy London commuters and Appalachian mountains, their sound can be experimental, sometimes comical and always beautiful.


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