City Synchronicity by Julia Turner

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City Synchronicity

(released Dec 2012)

City Synchronicity is a collection of songs inspired by a year lived 10,000 miles from home, busking and blogging in Melbourne.

Julia Turner grew up in Bristol in the UK where she loved singing jazz from a young age. After studying at Leeds College of Music for three years Julia felt she needed an adventure to draw her out of the relative comfort of the city she’d played in for 4 years, something to challenge her as a person and an independent musician. She touched down in Melbourne in late 2011 and after romantic notions of being a waitress fell flat, decided to chuck in the regular wage and opt instead for the less stable but certainly challenging and exciting life of a busker. Spending her final paycheck on a busking amp Julia took to the streets of Melbourne with her guitar and her jazz heart and lungs and didn’t look back.

Living in an unfamiliar city in a far-flung continent was exciting but not always easy. Life threw many complications her way as well as many extraordinary opportunities. Freed from the lines that she’d drawn for herself in Leeds and unafraid of what anyone might think Julia’s music almost began to write itself. With all but one of the tracks written over a year in Melbourne the album tells tales of the trials and tribulations of a year spent far from home learning to live and make honest music with a coin or two to spare. Topics explored include comic depictions of the woes of temporary jobs, unexpected synchronicity, the joys of making music and living in Coburg as well as honest accounts of the more difficult things that were thrown in her path.

Soon after taking to the streets of Melbourne Julia began writing a weekly blog to record her busking experiences and to provide her with an outlet for her compositional ideas. played a significant part in getting her music to an international audience. This online community supported Julia in raising money to help pay for the recording of the album. The blog presents a wider perspective on the experiences that inspired her music, it maps each song’s journey in real time as it grows from an idea to a recorded track.

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