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The Eton Mess

The Eton Mess

Don’t have no money
Don’t have no future
Don’t have nowhere to call mine
Don’t care about politics
It’s all meaningless
I care about equality

Feed all my children
Give them a base
Feed all us parents so we don’t lose face
I feel ground down
I feel helpless
Can’t see any way out of this

Need an education
Need a community
Not all this crack talk about Big Society
But real people doing real things

Disparity in wealth
The measure’s tipping
The great divide
I’m slipping and sliding
Trying to find a line to cling to
But it feels like everyone is looking the other way

I value my right to vote
But how can I cope with this political stagnation
We need salvation
Sanitised grins
Cover gaping holes as the money pours in
To off shore bank accounts

They focus on the wrongdoings of the poor
Struggling because they need a lot more
While they the bankers and the Eton mess
Slip out the back door