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I love to be in a room full of people singing. Vocal harmony is something that I am passionate about. I have worked with many different vocal groups, as a teacher directing small and large choirs and as a singer in small vocal ensembles. I currently work with several choirs in Bristol; BYOBaby Choir, Gasworks Choir and Handfuls of Harmony. I enjoy working with and learning from others and am always up for collaboration between choirs or cover work for leaders who need time off.


BYOBaby Choir BYOB is a choir for parents, carers or parents-to-be. This is an adult choir – we don’t sing nursery rhymes but with little ones in tow we sing fun and uplifting songs suitable for all abilities. Parents sing while the babies hang out and enjoy the sweet harmonies. Classes in Bedminster and St Werburghs. New members welcome but places are limited so please contact me to book a place!


Gasworks Choir is a community choir of over 150 people in Bristol, UK. The choir was set up in 1997 by Ali Orbaum and Dee Jarlett and has been going strong ever since. I became co-director alongside Ali Orbaum in January 2013. New members welcome subject to available places – contact

Family and Friends Choir (part of Handfuls of Harmony)
A friendly neighbourhood choir 6-7pm on Tuesdays in Bedminster. Bring your friends, family or just yourself – we welcome everyone from reception age to those older than the hills. There is no audition or need for previous experience – the idea is to have fun and make some noise!

Below are some recordings from a choir I established in Leeds called The Royal Park Groove. Recorded in June 2011. The choir is still going and is now run by Nik Rutherford.


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  1. Francesca Edwards

    Hi there, My name is Francesca I am the assistant manager at The Victoria Park Pub and Kitchen. We are holding a Christmas Market here on Saturday 7th December and would really love to have a choir come and sing some Christmassy songs. Is this something your choir could do? Roughly how much would the charge be?

    Please email me at


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